The Orb above me was crafted from old Persian glass, in the cool morning light it scattered bright shards of light on the cobwebs across my bed sheets. Ever since I was  young we were told the glass was red, the colour of fire and blood, to signify the power of Our Saviour. The Elders […]

Woke up – Alarm on phone reads ‘8:00 wake up’, the bright light from phone blinds my eyes – The loud and piercing electronic beeping, slowly awakens me to the faint sound of Logan’s music in the shower – Smell of freshness in the air, I accidentally left my window open last night – Feel […]

In the dystopian novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’, I will be looking into how George Orwell manipulates the population. Orwell uses the inner party to control the population through the manipulation. In this essay I will be covering how Orwell controls the population in the novel, how past leaders such as Joseph Stalin were able to manipulate the […]

In this essay I will be covering how the media is able to manipulate the populations thoughts about certain events by providing fake news, similar to how Winston works in the ‘Records Department’ in the ‘Ministry of Truth’ which rewrites history according to the party’s needs. Events in 1984: War propaganda, re-publishing of old events that […]

Today: 17/05/17 ‘Form a hypothesis about 1984 and develop a bank of evidence to support it’ Hypothesis: totalitarian dystopian futures mainly feature a corrupt government. Evidence: For example, George Orwell’s  ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ has a corrupt government, that lies and gives false information to its people. Inner party members are treated better, similar to how […]

The past few decades, the world has been astonished by the amount of CO2 humans are emitting into the atmosphere and say if we do not stop, there will be dire consequences. But what they do not understand is that global warming will be the most benevolent thing human beings will ever grant the earth. […]

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